Our Recommended Planting Advice Once You Recieve Your Roses

Planting Your Roses

Thank you for your purchase! I appreciate you as a customer.

Your band roses may have been trimmed back to fit in the shipping box but will put on new growth quickly.

My roses, once rooted, are grown on to develop larger roots. I do spray for insects and fungal diseases fairly consistently, there are times that the leaves get nibbled on, so I cannot guarantee nibble-free foliage.

I always advise to pot up band-sized roses into 1-gallon or larger, pots, when received, to grow on a bit more, and build a stronger root system before planting them out into the garden. I have learned that the hard way, and have lost some rarer roses by planting them in the garden immediately upon arrival.

Please keep them well watered, but not overly so, while potted, and once planted in the garden, a nice healthy drink every day or two until settled in. They then promise to reward you with beautiful blooms in the days, weeks, and years to come!

I personally fertilize my roses 3-4 times, a Michigan growing season, with alfalfa tea, and they truly love it. My website has the recipe. It’s pretty much all I fertilize with, except in early spring I toss a slow release that I scatter about my gardens.

Own root roses are a bit slower to put on size than grafted roses, but will quickly catch up, and in colder zones, own root will always come back true to variety, should they die back to the ground over the cold winters.

Thank you again for purchasing from Hummingbird Roses!