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Commonly Asked Questions – Answered

Over the years we have collected your feedback to better serve you. In response, we built a list of quick answers to your common questions. Please search the info below before opting to contact us directly if you have any questions or concerns.

The 8 western states (UT, MT, AZ, WA, OR, NV, CA, ID) must be shipped bare root due to agricultural guidelines and have $3/rose surcharge for the additional materials and prep needed to adhere to them.

I Live In A Warm Climate. Why Can’t I Have My Roses Shipped When I Plant For Spring?2023-01-19T15:31:11-05:00

Hummingbird Roses is in zone 5a, and the band roses are dormant from November until April when I take them out of winter storage and put them into the greenhouse to start waking up. I will not ship a rose until it is actively growing again, and healthy to my standards.

You Propogate Roses I Really Want. Why Can’t I Be Guaranteed Them When Available?2023-01-19T15:30:29-05:00

There are a handful or so of roses that so many people want, and being a tiny nursery, keeping track of all the requests and timelines had become laborious. If you follow me on social media, I plan to announce when popular roses are added so you can go place an order.

Do You Ship To Canada?2023-01-19T15:29:29-05:00

Not at this time. I am looking into what would be involved in order to be able to do so.

Why Don’t You Accept PayPal?2023-01-19T15:29:07-05:00

I’ve had a really bad experience using PayPal and getting paid for the roses I’ve sold. It’s a personal decision based on this bad experience, so I have opted not to do business with them again. No exceptions.

Can I Change My Order?2023-01-19T15:28:43-05:00

No. You will be asked if you are sure you want to place the order at checkout.
Being a one-person operation, I cannot keep changing orders. Please do not order if you are not certain that you want the plants.

How Often Should I Fertilize My Roses?2023-01-19T15:28:20-05:00

I do it 3 times each year. In early spring, a broadcast slow release scattered. In late spring, one gallon per plant of Alfalfa tea, In Summer, I use Mills Easy Feed concentrate and feed each plant about 1 gallon
There are lots of fertilizing options out there. This is just what I do. I personally stop fertilizing after mid-September in my climate, to prepare for winter. Your climate may be vastly different. I’m zone 5a

Do I Have To Winter Protect?2023-01-19T15:27:45-05:00

Even though I sell cold hardy roses, I always recommend if planted in the ground, to mound well with mulch for the first winter. They are baby’s and can use the extra protection that first winter.

I Long Should I Keep My Roses Potted?2023-01-19T15:27:18-05:00

At least 3 months if you can. You can even wait until the following spring, which I often do.

My Rose Arrived With Some Blackspot Or Powdery Mildew, What Do I Do?2023-01-19T15:26:49-05:00

Remove the infected leaves. Diseases can occur during shipping. It is not uncommon. Roses are resilient and will bounce back from leaf removal.
I spray for the disease but some varieties are just susceptible to blackspot. The information on the HelpMeFInd link will usually indicate if the variety is prone to blackspot or other diseases.

What Is Your Warranty?2023-01-19T15:24:02-05:00

30 days and the instructions received with the shipments must be followed by potting up the bands for a while before planting directly in the garden. A photo of the plant should be emailed to hummingbirdroses1@gmail.com which failed. I will replace it if I have another plant available, or refund the cost of the rose. Shipping won’t be refunded.

Why Do I Have To Pay A Western State Surcharge?2023-02-13T08:29:13-05:00

The 8 western states (UT, MT, AZ, WA, OR, NV, CA, ID) must be shipped bare root due to agricultural guidelines, and these orders take 3-4 times longer to prepare & package for shipment. The surcharge is for the extra time & materials to send out your roses so they arrive in good shape.

What Size Can I Expect My Roses To Be?2023-01-19T15:22:18-05:00

My roses are bands, propagated the previous season, so just under 12 months typically. Some will be larger than others, as some perform and grow quicker than others. The ‘average’ is between 8-16 inches tall.

Can I Reserve Or Be Put On A Wait List?2023-01-19T15:21:47-05:00

Due to me being such a small nursery, and trying to keep track of whom put in requests first, I will no longer offer waitlist roses. When they are available, they will be added to the available roses to purchase.

When Will My Roses Ship?2023-01-19T15:21:16-05:00

If the variety/s are showing ‘Available now, if it is between May 15th and October 15th, right away
If the varieties are showing ‘available May 15th’ not until that date. There may be some exceptions where plants may not quite be ready then, and if so, I will communicate with you about that, and suggest waiting a while longer before shipment.

Our Happy Rose Growers

There is a reason why our customers come back year after year…

The most wonderful chance to buy roses that are specially grown for cold climates. Rare, hard to find and old favorites are some of the varieties grown. I suggest everyone support this wonderful owner’s business.
-Sheri Williams
Owner is knowledgeable, very friendly, and enthusiastic. Lovely display gardens in a lakeside setting. Wide variety of rose types clearly labeled. Sale plants are healthy and vigorous; I can’t wait to get more! Can’t say enough good things! BIG thumbs up!
-Fran VerHey Glass
Fantastic customer service! Mindy has a great selection and sends beautiful, healthy, meticulously packaged roses. I highly recommend!
-Eve Pickren
Selection and prices. More unusual roses than most anyone and of great quality.
-Chuck Pavlich


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