My Story of Growing Roses

I have been growing roses for about 25 years. They have captivated and fascinated me, from the first rose bush I purchased. That happened, when flat line winds took down a huge number of trees in my back yard, and after the mess was cleaned up, this new gardener discovered she finally had sun! Quite a bit of it! So, I proceeded to the nearest garden center to buy some sun loving plants, and a beautiful pink rose in bloom, caught my eye. I had never grown a rose before, but I bought it, planted it, and as I watched it bloom and bloom, I fell in love. That is how my love story began.

10 years ago, I began dreaming of growing roses in my own nursery, but at the time, I was moving around a lot, or renting, and truly never had the space to act on that dream, until now. I now own my own little slice of heaven, with a big yard, lots of sun, and the determination to make my dream come true, even if it just a hobby business at this point. I know it will bring me much joy, and I look forward to ‘enabling’ others to become rose lovers, and supply them with some of those ‘must have’ variety’s, that you just can’t get at a local garden center.

Over the years, I have taken cuttings from my plants and given them away to friends and family. Both my Mom and Sister have an abundance of roses, and beautiful rose gardens, from those cuttings I lovingly rooted and passed onto them, along with Aunts, Cousins, and even Grandma! I recently dug up a huge Crown Princess Margareta bush I had given my Grandma, years ago as a rooted cutting. When we moved her into an assisted living home in the middle of summer, it came home with me to my new house, recovered from the shock of the transplant, and is now flourishing once again in my own garden, where it originally came from.  A Special rose indeed to me.

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Mindy Aubuchon, Owner

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