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We specialize in colder climate roses you can’t find in your local garden center. Get your hardy northern varieties here and grow the rose garden of your dreams.

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Are you looking for a specific variety of rose but can’t seem to find them in your local garden center? Have you searched other nurseries and haven’t had any luck finding a northern hardy variety?

You are not alone. It can be difficult to find these unique varieties that grow well in colder climates. Zone 6 and colder rose enthusiasts need not look any farther!

Growing Successful Gardens

The success of your northern rose garden depends on the type of roses you choose to grow. Here at Hummingbird Roses, we specialize in roses that meet or exceed your expectations for hardiness, fragrance, and variety.

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How Ordering Our Roses Works

There is no better experience than growing your own roses at home. Get quality own-root hardy northern roses, ready-to-plant, and shipped directly to your doorstep.

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1. Choose

With over 300 varieties of roses, there are plenty of options to choose from. Browse our inventory and determine which variety you’d like to purchase.

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Add your chosen variety to your cart from our store and proceed to checkout. Once confirmed, inventory will be adjusted and we will begin processing your order.

1. Deliver

When your roses reach an acceptable size for potting (May 15ish) and are ready for shipping, we will package them up gently and send them to your doorstep. Simple as that.

Our Happy Rose Growers

There is a reason why our customers come back year after year…

The most wonderful chance to buy roses that are specially grown for cold climates. Rare, hard to find and old favorites are some of the varieties grown. I suggest everyone support this wonderful owner’s business.
-Sheri Williams
Owner is knowledgeable, very friendly, and enthusiastic. Lovely display gardens in a lakeside setting. Wide variety of rose types clearly labeled. Sale plants are healthy and vigorous; I can’t wait to get more! Can’t say enough good things! BIG thumbs up!
-Fran VerHey Glass
Fantastic customer service! Mindy has a great selection and sends beautiful, healthy, meticulously packaged roses. I highly recommend!
-Eve Pickren
Selection and prices. More unusual roses than most anyone and of great quality.
-Chuck Pavlich

We Are Here To Enhance Your

Northern Rose Garden Experience

Growing in central Michigan, our roses do well in the harsher northern climate seasons. Our extensive experience in this environment allows our rose varieties to do well in different zones. Whether you need just one or a whole garden full, we have the hardy roses you’ll love growing with.

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